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Green Day Steals Show

A few weeks ago I got tickets to the Global Citizen festival in Central Park New York. Headlining the bill was the legendary Stevie Wonder, with Green Day, The Killers, The Lumineers and The Chainsmokers in support slots. I went to this show with a buzz of emotion, eager to see Stevie Wonder, a true veteran of pop music. I was looking forward to seeing Green Day too but it was Stevie I was most keyed up for. So it was a surprise that I found Green Day to be the best band of the night. It wasn't that Stevie disappointed, it was simply that Green Day owned the crowd and made me feel like I was at the greatest rock concert ever (of course I wasn't, but for a second there I felt that I was). The professionalism and seasoned performance chops that Billy Joe Armstrong displayed was impressive. He really nailed his frontman's duties by engaging the crowd with interactive scripts and an energy filled performance. At one time he told the crowd (over 50,000 in my estimate) to all turn on the flashlight on their phones and hold in the air and wave. While not exactly an impulsive act by the concert-goers, it made for a spectacular visual and emotional moment. Cheers Mr. Armstrong. Nice one!

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