LP Review - Total Depravity By The Veils

Two years ago I saw The Veils in concert at The Bowery Ballroom in New York. It stands out in my memory as maybe the best show I saw that year. I discovered this band around 2011/2012 and fell for them, big time. Naturally I kept a close eye on future releases and tour dates. Total Depravity is the fifth studio album by The Veils. On first listen I was a little disappointed. I initially thought it lacked the weight of the previous album "Time Stays, We Go" - of which I'm a huge fan. But on repeat listens, it gained more of my admiration with stand out tracks "Low Lays The Devil" and "Swimming With The Crocodiles". With every listen I'm finding myself smiling more. This album is a grower. 4/5

The Lady In The Car With Glasses And A Gun

I haven't met a French film I haven't liked. Seriously. Maybe it's because the bad ones get filtered out before reaching me or maybe I'm a closet francophile. Whichever, who cares. Netflix suggested I would like this fim by recommending it with 5 stars. I generally feel they are on point with their suggested viewing so I gave this a spin. A hot, clumsy, nerdy and awkward leading lady? Check. And she has a gun? Sure, why not. Let's see where this goes. Top marks to director Joann Sfar.

Jane Got A Gun

This week I had an urge to watch a western. I remember seeing the trailer for 'Jane Got a Gun' at the cinema some months ago and was suitably intrigued - after all it has Natalie Portman and Joel Edgerton in the leading roles. After seeing the film's thumbnail pop up in my browsing results I had to add it to my list. I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It has a dark and menacing outerwear but really it's just a simple love story. Slightly predictable, yes, but a pleasure to watch.

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