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New Studio Recordings In NYC

A few weeks ago my band and I hit the recording studio to begin laying down rhythm tracks for a bunch of new songs. It was a load of fun - or in the words of my Irish pals, "mighty craic!".

As I write this I'm sitting in my home studio with a Pro Tools session open, listening and looking at the songs, amazed at how these works-in-progress came to be. From a thought in my brain that manifested as action, expressing poetry, inventing melody and rhythm, conveying this to my band members, and listening to the result brings immense satisfaction to say the least. As a music producer I can feel myself making progress.

So, it seems I will have new material for release in 2017. My sincere gratitude to all of you for your belief, support and interest.

Happy holidays from Brooklyn, New York. Rock 'n' Roll!

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