Get Your Old School On - New EJ Merch

These days independent musicians need to take on many roles and wear many hats (or tee shirts), in order to maintain a presence and not get lost in the noise. I am no exception. Enter the role of the brand merchandise designer/musician.

What I have for you is a new tee shirt design, titled "Old School Rock 'n' Roll", envisioned as a vintage tee. My new online merch store is now open with fresh new wares for men, women and kids. So go check out these bad boys and get your "Old School" on!

Plus, as this is the grand unveiling, I'm going to throw you a discount code to get a 'friends and family' discount rate of 33% off. You're welcome! :) Please subscribe to my mailing list below if you haven't already. Discount Code: FAM23a1d15

P.S. I would like to thank my design team of Katelyn Ling, Naira Ayvazyan, Aram Ayv, and Flo Reb for their outstanding work.

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